An international documentary series

Directors : S. Braun, J. Bourbonnais, L. Lutaud.

Is there a way that allows everyone to benefit from our planet's riches without compromising our resources for future generations? The answer has been given by men and women from all four corners of the earth who have succeeded in creating new models for economical development. They have gone new ways to achieve sustainable and lasting growth for mankind and our planet. They are farmers, chemists, architects, doctors, tradesmen and bankers. These Architects of Change, are looking for and practicing innovative solutions which counteract the many threats to our future.

Far from being political or economical militants, these Architects of Change are, above all, entrepreneurs. Our documentary series will be visiting this new kind of pioneers. They believe in a capitalism that can create social, economic and environmental wealth. They are not the only ones who promote such ideas, but they are the only ones who can prove that their ideas work out in day-to-day life.

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10 episodes (52'00) :

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